Top 10 Important Eye Care Tips - Everybody Need To Know

1) Feed your eyes good food. Vitamins A, C, D, and E are especially important for both adults and children it is good for eyesight.

2) Periodically check your vision by closing one eye.

3) Dip your eyes in cold water after the bath for 5 minutes. It will to protects your beautiful eyes.

4) For better grow of eyebrows and to strengthen eyelashes apply castor oil daily on eyes before going to bed, it also removes dark circle around the eye.

5) Mix Castor Oil and Olive oil and apply it everyday before going to sleep. It will help to lengthen your eyelashes.

6) Do not lie down and read a book.

7) Keep a distance of 8-10 feet between your eyes and the TV screen.

8) Adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor it will to protect your eyes.

9) Give your eyes a break! Look away from close work like sewing and computer screens frequently. Blink often when doing close work to keep your eyes moist.

10)Experts say 80 percent of eye injuries can be prevented with safety glasses and sports eye wear.


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